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Congrats card.  It makes more sense in context of stuff.

Friday, November 16, 2012

German Orcs.

Finished 'Millenium' by Tom Holland a little while ago, about Christianity in the middle ages around the year 1000, when many Christians really thought their religion might get killed off by vikings, Hungarians or Muslims.  It didn't, of course, and the people who end up sacking Rome, center of Catholicism and most of Christianity beyond the Byzantines, are the Christian Normans, who sack it like it's never been sacked before.

If that happened now that would read like some news from Syria reads now, but now after playing video games for as long as I have it reads almost like a great setting for a game.  So I drew some Germans as Orcs, because of course the Germans are Orcs.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T-shirts for Sale.

I have some tshirts for sale up at Big Cartel, check them out.

And a close-up of the drawings;

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I won't be posting all of these, of course.

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A drawing a day.

Got a moleskin, finally.  Gonna be doing a drawing a day, all things going as planned.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swim queen.

Purple Pigeon

Selling stuff in a church basement* actually went surprisingly well.  Sold some t-shirts, which is new for me, it's not a thing I thought to try before and I got to give credit to my girlfriend for that.  I'll have them up on big cartel at some point soon.

*turned out to be a parish hall across the street from the church.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Badass Lamb

Being badass is associated with being stoic, but this lamb isn't stoic and uncaring and un-involved.  He loves and cares about you very much, which is why he is so disappointed in you, and that's why he is so angry.

I'm selling art in a church basement tomorrow, and I'm selling art always at big cartel. You should really buy some.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sketchbook (sorta) pages

Sketches of research, composition for a comic I might finish.  I say I might finish a lot of comics, but this one, for real, I really might finish.  In there somewhere; a drawing of Loic Wacquant, a sociologist whose book Body and Soul I loved.  It was about how boxing is actually very peaceful and monastic. Not in there: Joyce Carol Oates, whose book about how boxing is great and terrible and traces a line back to Roman gladiator matches and doesn't think boxing is a sport and also that it shouldn't be practiced. Her book is awful.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Smash Cars

Revisiting old stuff to try some new stuff.  Drawing is a few weeks old.

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On the occasion of an unfortunate dilemma.

A card for when you hear your friend is in need.  Remember, common courtesy is the man pays.


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Brooklyn perspective practice.

*Another backgroundy sketch.

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Roman Charity and Safe Cracking

*I should have at least one Roman Charity panel on this site. ROMAN CHARITY: read it, it's the most mature, strangest comic I've ever worked on.
*This comic went through a number of changes before it's current format and layout.  Here is a deleted page I'll relegate to my blog, now that you've read (I hope) the original as it was meant to be read:
*And: I’m sure this observation has been made before, but one thing that distinguishes most great European action-genre cartoonists and great American action-cartoonists is the emphasis Europeans have on people having to navigate their way through environments.  Superheroes smash and gesture their way through New York or science labs, location never seems to matter much to the super-strong and agile heroes of Frank Miller’s Sin City.  The set-pieces in Tintin involve him making his way through boats undetected (I think this happens a lot), hiding behind doors, vents, running around cramped corridors. In Tardi’s West Coast Blues the action is dictated by the location, whether it’s at the beach or at a gas station or getting thrown out of a moving train like in the American book cover. 

The American who most fits into the European tradition most is maybe Roy Crane, especially this Buzz Sawer sequence. The hero is presented with a goal, an obstacle, and uses the specifics of his location to escape his pursuers.  He only reacts and uses what we know is there or assume is there, Crane doesn’t cheat by having a pursuer suddenly slip or anything.

So I tried drawing a quick scene like that; woman descends by rope to a rooftop, opens a door and goes down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs a man enters a door she is about to open but she gets the drop on him.  Just a simple exercise.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


*I have a new comic up, about breastfeeding and the benefits thereof. Roman Charity. Read it.

*Here's a drawing of the I'm Batman and the Joker I did.
*Kudos to Sean, who made that Tumblr for Roman Charity.