Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My nerdiest drawing ever, plus business

Power Girl fighting a beholder! Somewhere there is a fanfic where this has happened. Nerdiest of the nerds (like me) will object to this scenario, point out that Power Girl is a kryptonian (isn't she?) and as such she should be vulnerable to magic so there's no way she could beat up a beholder, don't make me laugh, she would just be disintegrated, duh.

Incidentally, I take commissions. Have you ever wanted a picture of Superman fighting Magneto as a Transformer, or Gorilla Grod taking a gorilla sized dump on Psylocke's chest? I'm your man. I don't judge. Unless it involves little girls and boys, in which case I'm letting the authorities know about you. Just to be clear.

I'm not fooling myself in thinking there's going to be a sudden outpour of demand, but I thought I might as well just put that out there. Contact me at the email address given if interested.